Why autumn is the best season

I always used to think I was so original for loving autumn more than the other seasons, but now it seems as though everyone’s on the crunchy leaf hype. Finally, everyone understands me! I’m cool with it though – it means I getΒ to enthuse about scarves and orange leaves more. Our heating kicked in at work this week, and I’m seeing gourds everywhere I go, so I think it’s about time I shared with you exactly why I love this delightful season.

It’s finally chilly!



Anyone who’s ever met me knows I’m much happier in chillier weather. There’s an inverse relationship between the temperature and my mood, and a huge thing has happened: I’ve got my big coat out. I bought it in summer (fatal error; it made me hot just looking at it) and this last weekend was chosen for its debut outing; a key hygge milestone.Β I’m also wearing layers and woollen accessories and I’m in my element. I’ve exploded into a bonfire of rust and burgundy and chestnut brown and I’m loving it!

Crunchy leaves


If I were that way inclined I’d almost feel embarrassed to write this one. However, I have no shame, so I’m proclaiming my love for the most basic of all the autumnal loves: stepping on every single crunchy leaf on any given route. Now I’ve seen the Northern Lights, next on my bucket list is to visit New England in autumn (sorry Americans – ‘fall’). I’d love to chase the changing leaves, because there is no sight more delightful to my eyes than rows and rows of flame-red boughs. But for now, I’m more than happy to make do with a good British park to get my fix.

Eating everything


Look, we don’t need to talk about the obvious fact I love pumpkin spice everything. But it’s about more than that. After a summer of being too hot to eat anything but salad and strawberries (OK, that’s a lie and we all know it), it’s now time to properly indulge again. Pumpkin and sage pasta! Banana bread! Risotto! Crumbles! Three courses for every meal! I’m SO HAPPY that we’re now in a season where my cinnamon obsession is finally acceptable. And pretty soon, we’re going to see slow cookers start appearing in pubs, meaning… mulled cider!


These are just three of about a thousand reasons I could give you. What do you love most about autumn? Let’s have a big ol’ cosy chat in the comments.


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  1. hyggejem says:

    I have loved Autumn since we learned the song Autumn Days at primary school. It lists all the things that make Autumn special and the chorus is “I mustn’t forget…. to say a great big thank you.” I love the idea that part of hygge is appreciation and it’s easy in Autumn to appreciate everything so much more because there’s a big contrast between inside and out.

    1. Completely agreed! I’ve always loved the two ‘transition seasons’ (the other being spring), as I love how unpredictable and volatile everything gets. I’m so much happier exploring the world when everything is in flux.

  2. littlejo126 says:

    Hmmm I love risotto. Admittedly it is my comfort food all year round, but I feel justified in having a bigger portion in the colder months. I also get to snuggle on the sofa in front of the log burner, and I have already collected some lovely leaves for craft experiements. #LoveAutumn

    1. I love making risotto, it’s so therapeutic to make! I’m intrigued by your leaf-based craft experiments – would love to see the results πŸ™‚

  3. Alisa Stucky says:

    I recently discovered your blog and love it! Autumn is my favorite season as well. I love log fires, sweaters and coats and making chili.

    1. Thank you, I’m glad you like it! I love a log fire – there’s nothing cosier when it’s freezing cold outside! I’ll be doing lots of autumnal posts in the coming weeks, so I hope you stick around πŸ™‚

  4. Being able to break out my wooly socks and my hot-water bottle with the handknit woolen cover!

    1. Sounds very cosy – perfect for the colder nights πŸ™‚

  5. Ingrid Opstad says:

    I totally agree, autumn is such a great period and especially for all us hygge addicts πŸ™‚

    Ingrid | http://www.thatscandinavianfeeling.com

    1. Absolutely! Love your blog by the way – gorgeous photography πŸ™‚

      1. Ingrid Opstad says:

        That’s so lovely, thank you!

  6. One of my favorite things about Autumn is that the mornings are crisp. I love getting a cup of coffee when I get settled in to write for the day and see the steam rising from my cup. Plus, what’s not to love about wrapping up in a fluffy knit blanket to ward off the chill in the air?

    Very excited to have found your blog. I’m a new hygge enthusiast and it’s nice to find a kindred spirit!

    1. I LOVE crisp mornings! It’s such a treat to wake up and not feel immediately sticky and uncomfortable. Bright, crisp autumnal days are by far the nicest πŸ™‚

      Thank you! Always happy to hear from other hygge enthusiasts – feel free to let me know if there’s anything you’d specifically like to see me cover!

  7. Rachel Baird says:

    I grew up in South Florida my whole life and now that I live somewhere we actually get seasons-I freak outtt over the leaves and cooking with the fireplace going all the time. PS love your blog ❀

    1. I can imagine! We get about 216 seasons a year here in Southern England, so nothing surprises me anymore… though we haven’t had proper snow in a few years, so I’d appreciate a little flurry this winter! Thank you so much πŸ™‚

  8. I’m not a pumpkin lover….apple is my autumn flavor. I love the changing colors of the leaves and the crisp air. I love the scarves and boots or hoodies and jeans.

    1. Apple is good too! I LOVE boots season – I’m firmly back in mine now πŸ™‚

      1. oh yes, boots season is the greatest! They are just so comfy!! πŸ™‚

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