Win a winter hygge hamper!

Guess what… it’s competition time again!

I’m so overwhelmed with all the attention my little old blog has been attracting this year, and I think it’s about time I gave something back to say thank you for all your kind words, comments and enthusiasm for hygge in 2016. That’s why I’m running a competition to win a mini hamper of hygge goodies to help you get cosy this winter!

So, what’s in the hamper? (scroll straight to the bottom if you want it to be a surprise):

Hoogly Tea

I wrote about Hoogly Tea earlier this year, and Tina has very kindly offered me some tea (with a great new look) to include in this prize! We’ve gone for some lovely spicy blends to warm you up after a winter walk – if you’re the lucky winner, you’ll be enjoying the Chocolate Brownie and Spiced Orange blends.

The Art of Hygge book

If you’re looking for an introduction to hygge, you can’t go wrong with one of the many books on the topic out this season. I reviewed The Art of Hygge back in September, and I picked up an extra copy to include in this prize to give you some cosy reading material!

Yankee Candles

The right lighting is fundamental for creating a hyggeligt atmosphere, so I’ve included a couple of my favourite Yankee Candles to give you that all-important glow. I’ve chosen the Home Sweet Home and Cosy By The Fire scents to get you in the mood for hygge.

Votive holder

You don’t want your lovely new candles ruining your surfaces, so I’m also giving away a glass votive holder with a very on-trend copper handle. This is the perfect size for your Yankee Candle votives, so you can hygge to your heart’s content.

Cosy socks

Every single hygge article on the big news websites has been illustrated with a photo of warm socks in front of a fire, so I had to pop a pair in my hamper! These festive red and green socks will see you all the way through winter – super snug.

Warm gloves

My fingers have been so cold the last few mornings, so I’m giving you the gift of warm hands with these unisex gloves! The light grey with a cheery multicoloured fleck will brighten even the gloomiest winter days.


Here’s a little treat to share with your hygge companions! Dairy Milk is an absolute classic, so for the nostalgia factor, snap off a few squares and savour in front of a film. Or munch through the whole bar – I won’t tell anyone…

Mini Baileys

Some nights call for something creamy and reassuring, so this adorable mini bottle of Baileys is the perfect antidote to a difficult day. Enjoy in front of the fire, in the bath or mix it into some hot chocolate for a real sweet treat.

Icelandic Christmas decoration

This is my favourite part! I’m including a wooden Christmas decoration all the way from beautiful Iceland. This little guy is Askasleikir, one of the Icelandic Yule Lads, who bring tricks and treats to children in Iceland through the festive season. Askasleikir hides under people’s beds and steals their bowls, so keep an eye on your crockery if you win!

Two handmade Nordic decorations

My mum has recently got into crafting, and she’s made these two lovely little Nordic hearts. Hang them on your tree, from door handles, from hooks, from the mantlepiece or anywhere else you like to add a touch of Scandi chic to your own winter wonderland.

How to enter


To be in with a chance of winning, just enter via this Rafflecopter widget. This competition is open to UK residents and closes at 11.59pm on 30th November, after which I’ll randomly select a winner. Best of luck!

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453 Comments Add yours

  1. zoediane says:

    Amazing giveaway! And love all the stuff included in the hamper – perfect for the upcoming winter – makes me all cozy inside! 😀

  2. Hygge says:

    What a lovely idea!

  3. Melissa Cowx says:

    Love this! I’m going to be spending time with my children snuggled in blankets with hot chocolate, films and candles.
    We’re going to craft together, go foraging for yummy chestnuts. The list goes on. X

  4. Linda Hobbis says:

    We love Yankee Candles and tea lights – lots of cushions, throws and family snuggling

  5. hyggejem says:

    Oooh! Everything you have in the box is so hyggely! This year I’m loving the online hygge after a few years of being a solo hygge-lover. I’ll be snuggling under a blanket and meeting my mates at The Hygge Nook on Facebook when I’m not busy hyggering with the family!

  6. Helen Ward says:

    Wow! What an awesome bundle of Hygge-ness… whoever wins is going to be having such a Hygge-lious time… I do hope it me & mine 😉

  7. Daisy Leason says:

    This all looks so cozy and very hyggeligt! This year I’m going to spend most of my time curled up in front of the log fire, wrapped in a blanket, with my new puppy! I hope you have a lovely winter as well ❤

  8. Chevaune Stanley says:

    I will embrace Hygge by inviting friends round, as we do every week without fail for a BBQ, no matter what the weather is. It doesn’t matter that we live in NE Scotland, the worse the weather the better, because we have a scandinavian BBQ hut. Double glazed, seats 15 people with a giant fire so we can all be cosy together. Bliss.

  9. Martina Pichova says:

    I like my warm blankets and fluffy jumpers in winter.

  10. Tania Atfield says:

    I am already snuggling up with cosy throws, candles and my fire is lit, very hygge

  11. Annie says:

    What a great hamper. I’m looking forward to receiving a monthly hygge box & staying at Portmeirion Village on their hygge heaven deal this winter 🙂

  12. katesds says:

    Wow, I love everything there! I’ll be getting hygge from my fleecy blanket, dressing gown and lamp

  13. Christine Sunter says:

    I shall be embracing hygge by turning up the heating, pouring myself a glass (or two) or mulled wine, snuggling into my fleecy blanket and reading some good books! Also known as hibernating!

  14. Amanda Richardson says:

    Turning up the heating and snuggling up on the sofa with my husband under a cosy blanket and maybe a glass of gluwhein or two with a film on the TV.

  15. Caro Marshall says:

    This is a happy happy hygge gift..everything to make me feel good

  16. iain maciver says:

    cosy throws, candles and my fire

  17. Pat McCormick says:

    What a lovely gift. My hygge is himalayan salt candle holders. They give a beautiful warm glow that helps to make up for having no fireplace. Also lots of fairy lights do t for me!

  18. Ah, I’m on the wrong continent to participate but I wish all of the other participants luck and happy hygge!

  19. David Waterson says:

    Snuggling under a blanket in front of the fire with my wife with Yankee candles

  20. Emma Walton says:

    I’ve been embracing the hygge concept for years without even knowing it! Every autumn, I get out my soft furry throw and wooly slipper socks. I always light scented candles and snuggle on the sofa with a frothy coffee or hot chocolate, my blanket and a good book.

  21. Shriya K says:

    Wearing warm clothing, cuddling my throw whilst fireplace is on, watching seasonal shows, drinking lots of hot chocolate and family time

  22. I’ll be snugly under a blanket I crocheted myself a few years ago while crocheting a new one! Double snuggles!

  23. louiseedsall says:

    Love this blog and in memory of my mom who I just lost– I will knit some chunky throws , some socks and embrace cosiness like only mom could have done it– oh some of her famous chocolate chip cookies as well– wishing you could extend hamper raffle to Virginia – across the pond .:-)

    1. Marceline says:

      Same here, from another Virginian —

  24. Lindsey Daubney says:

    I am only a recent convert to hygge after installing a multi fuel burner in our house and enjoying lots of cosy nights from then onwards, with candles lit, lovely food and friends round to share the whole experience. My friends and family will all be receiving hygge themed gifts this Christmas. I’m loving this competition gift. What a great selection of items.

  25. tracy sinclair says:

    I love Yankee candles too and always have a couple burning or my tart burner on, especially lovely in Winter to have the xmas yankee candles or tarts. I love snuggling up in a nice warm fleece blanket as well x

  26. Kelly Ellen Hirst says:

    I’ll be embracing it by lighting my favourite candles & spending my weekends indoors in the warm watching trashy tv

  27. Tamsin Dean says:

    such a lovely thing to do, such lovely items included

  28. A S,Edinburgh says:

    I’ll be embracing hygge by doing plenty of baking.

  29. Wilhelmina Margalis says:

    Hopefully in front of our Victorian fireplace (once the chimney is cleaned!) Love winter and already have the candles burning and the throws wrapped around me. I’m snug with a cuppa and a craft project. pet bunny nearby. What could be better? Happy Winter!

  30. lucy higgins says:

    i will be cosy at home under my blanket next to the fire with a hot chocolate

  31. Catherine Clarke says:

    Gorgeous goodies, the Icelandic Christmas decoration would be an amazing addition to the small but growing collection I’ve started by picking one up on each holiday we have, looking forward to my Hygge moment when decorating the tree and reminiscing with the kids about each holiday where we’ve picked up a decoration. C x

  32. Amy Lambert says:

    I am embracing hygge by spending my nights on the sofa with a fur throw, my Yankee candles lit and a hot chocolate while watching tv

  33. Pam says:

    What a nice giveaway! I wish you could ship to the US. Your blog is such an inspiration to me here in Wisconsin. I was so happy to learn there was a word that encompassed all the things I love best! Thank you for your lovely writing 🙂

  34. Robyn Hawkins says:

    It’s great to snuggle up when it gets cold and miserable outside. I get super snug under our Scottish woollen blankets and we have a multitude of candles burning away. I have just discovered how amazing Yankee Candles are! Loving the smell of their Christmas Cookie one at the moment! Lots of walks with my puppy all wrapped up toasty and warm and a hot drink at the ready as soon as we get back 🙂 Actually looking forward to winter for a change this year!

  35. Abigail Cullen says:

    I will be embracing my hygge, through warm blankets, fluffy socks and a hot chocolate. 🙂

  36. Lots of candles, warm throws and cushions, onesies and snuggles unfer the duvet!

  37. hyggebox says:

    You’ve picked all the items for a gorgeous hyggeligt winter Kayleigh. Little wonder you’re queen of Hygge in our eyes. We’ll be hyggeligt by pulling our family close, enjoying the little moments, getting warm by the fire indoors & wrapping up warm in the great outdoors.

  38. Candles and cosy socks are my favourite! x

  39. kimneville1 says:

    Getting cosy in front of the log fire with a hot chocolate and marshmallows

  40. Hygge sums up how I love to spend my winter evenings – COSY. So I’ll be just carrying on with what I already do

  41. Jennifer Toal says:

    Snuggled under a blanket watching movies

  42. Turning our (yet to be installed) new boiler to full blast and basking in glorious heat. At the moment it’s 14 degrees in my living room, NOT hygge at all 😦 .

  43. Sarah Sumner says:

    Wow, i would love this prize, perfect way to start my hugge journey. Im all set, chimney swept and looking forward to my first fire this year.

  44. Emma Ferguson says:

    Cushions, candles amd throws 😌


    how exciting!!!

  46. Ruth Harwood says:

    I shall be celebrating with my kittens and my chenille blanket, my warm decaf and loads of snuggles

  47. Margaret Clarkson says:

    A warm blanket, lovely candles and a mug of hot chocolate

  48. Ray Dodds says:

    Cushions hot chocolate and warm covers

  49. Nicki Evans says:

    With candles and fairy lights for a cosy atmosphere.

  50. Plenty of warm socks, don’t normally wear them in the house but winter means toasty toes

  51. Helen Stratton says:

    I will be embracing Hygge with plenty of evenings, snuggled on the huge sofa, with the kids watching feel good films and reading warm moment stories.

  52. Ray Becker says:

    Lots of sweet hot tea

  53. I will be bringing some hygge into my life and home, but turning on the heater and snuggling up into a nice warm blanket and enjoying time with my hubby 🙂 x

  54. Barbara Waites says:

    My son will be returning from Papua New Guinea so we’ll need all the hygge we can get – fires and warm drinks after a walk over the fields to the pub!!

  55. Susan Laing says:

    Oh I’m all about hygge, this would be great snuggling under the nice warm blanket with my new pug Douglas, this is his first Xmas so here’s hoping for snow!!!

  56. emma walters says:

    lots of time will be spent under cosy blankets with fluffy socks on i think!

  57. Caroline Chapman says:

    What a perfect way to kick of a snuggly winter

  58. What a perfect way to kick off winter with this hamper!

  59. The hamper looks wonderful, we’ll be keeping warm this winter next to the log burner, cuddling up to two big fluffy dogs.

  60. vecta2 says:

    Hamper looks very nice, must find out what Hygge is

  61. Lyla says:

    My furry slippers, a thick jumper and brandy for my hot chocolate

  62. jellybabymom2 says:

    Hygge is what I do most winters 🙂 we sniggle under blankets watching kids films and eating scrummy snacks with flavoursome hot chocolate, sometimes I will have a cup of tea. We are in snuggly PJ and slippers.

  63. Lindsey Stuart says:

    I will be sitting by the log fire with my cosy pyjamas on! Lovely! 🙂

  64. Marie O says:

    I’m about to move to Bristol from London so really looking forward to hygging up my new home and exploring west country in winter ☺️ Wish me luck!!

  65. Jean Ward says:

    Having a quiet Christmas this year – not going to friends & family for the big day so we have planned to snuggle down and really relax and enjoy nice food, films and a snooze or two!!

  66. Nigel Rummey says:

    Love Yankee Candle!

  67. Angela Treadway says:

    i love getting cosy under a nice fleecy blanket and reading a book x

  68. wmunozaranega says:

    What a lovely idea!

  69. aj says:

    I will be lighting my candles, thank you for the chance x

  70. laura stewart says:

    i will be putting my fluffy pj’s onn and my boot slippers 🙂

  71. Sophie Ade says:

    Warm candle lit evenings with family

  72. baggy jumpers, log fire and snuggling under my blanket!

  73. Michael Griffin says:

    Staying active during the day but snuggling up warm and cosy in the nights

  74. Jessica Lanham says:

    Gorgeous! So far my little family and I have been for many Autumn walks, wrapped up in cosy hats and scarves, basked in the Autumn sun. Then home for a cosy log fire, cups of hot chocolate with friends, sharing homemade soup. Lighting candles and focussing on the present, feeling grateful for all I/we have xx 🍂🍁🌲

  75. Henry Little says:

    we are already snuggling up infront of fire!

  76. Mareike says:

    My first winter in England (I only moved from Germany this summer) will be all about candles, fairy lights, blankets and – even if not necessarily in season – flowers! They make me happy and give me a feeling of homliness like nothing else. Can’t wait to cuddle up, and the give-away would certainly help! 🙂

  77. suz says:

    What a lovely hamper! I might do something similar for Christmas presents. I’m definitely embracing all that’s cosy at the moment – my big fluffy slipper boots, a stack of books to read, fairy lights, tea, massive amounts of apple crumble.

  78. Tara Clover says:

    There is nothing like a pair of warm, soft socks. x

  79. Amanda says:

    I will be embracing by wearing lots of snuggly woolies and drinking my fave hot chocolate 🙂

  80. Helen R says:

    What a lovely giveaway. Thank you x

  81. Agnieszka Higney says:

    Lots of good films watched under duvet!

  82. Elaine Savage says:

    I have just got into scented candles so I will be lighting candles galore!

  83. Andrea Fletcher says:

    Snuggly throw and fluffy slippers. Lovely hamper, fingers crossed.

  84. Kathryn OBrien says:

    By lighting my log burning stove, lighting the candles and snuggling under a blanket with a hot chocolate – hygge heaven!

  85. Stevie says:

    I’d like to have a good read of the The Art of Hygge book for some nice tips.

  86. amyrutter says:

    I’ll be making the most of time off work and spending it catching up with friends and family. I really feel the cold so will want nothing more than to be all wrapped up and snuggly by the fire with some tasty treats, perfect!

  87. Crutchesoflife says:

    I will be cosy at home, with a cuddly throw, warm pjs and slippers! And lots of hot chocolate!

  88. Laura Banks says:

    lots of throws and candles

  89. Gillian Hale says:

    I will be snuggling on the sofa with lots of lovely blankets and pillows

  90. Hazel Rea says:

    We’ve got a fleecy throw to use when we snuggle up on the sofa together, we’ve already put the lovely soft warm duvet cover on, and we’re stocked up on lovely teas like apple and ginger which is very warming.

  91. Carol Phile says:

    Puppy cuddles

  92. Joanne Hutchings says:

    I will embrace it with snuggles under cosy blankets, scented candles and mulled wine.

  93. Joanne Hutchings says:

    Snuggles under cosy blankets, scented candles and mulled wine!

  94. isis1981uk says:

    I’ll be snuggling under a blanket with my kids watching movies together.

  95. Janice Dunn says:

    I’ll be decorating my living room with more cushions and throws for cosying up, and drinking more hot chocolate!

  96. Vicky Online says:

    I will be enjoying looking at the flames in my woodburning stove and enjoying the smell of woodsmoke when I step outside!

  97. Mihaela Petrache says:

    Awesome prize ! Cheers !!!

  98. I already have my onesies & fluffy jumpers & thick socks ready 😀

    Would love to win this xo

  99. Diana Maxwell says:

    Just smiling…….

  100. Marianne Daniels says:

    I”ve got stacks of Guatemalan hot chocolate and a basket full of blankets!

  101. Matthew Warman says:

    Fabulous Christmassy Giveaway!

  102. Christiana says:

    Having warm orange and cinnamon spice candles lit up to create a cosy atmosphere!

  103. This looks so nice. I would embrace up by snuggling in blankets with a hot chocolate. Bliss x

  104. foxesinlove says:

    This hamper looks adorable and full of fantastic coziness.

  105. Snuggle up under my blanket with a cup of hot chocolate

  106. Joanne Darnell says:

    candles and mulled wine

  107. Danielle Thomas says:

    I’ll be lighting candles every chance I get!

  108. dbt720 says:

    I’ll be lighting candles every chance I get!

  109. Styleophile says:

    It’s so good that the concept of Hygge which lots of nations practise has been officially recognised and explained. Now like-minded people can all share a word but know what feeling and ideas we are referring to no matter what our language. A great giveaway, super blog and wonderful word…Hygge xxx

  110. Aw those socks look super cosy

  111. Emma Jones says:

    I shall embrace hygge as I do every year. \Weekly get togethers with friends to watch Strictly. Blankets, wine and chocolate are a must.

  112. Francesca Jones says:

    I’ve been stocking up on candles, sourcing comfy blankets and new plump cushions. Lots of comfort foods from the slow cooker. snuggles on the sofa with all my kids ❤

  113. leannelunn says:

    Proper hot chocolate and a blanket snuggled up in front of the fire simply hygge.

  114. Amandas_Wanderlust says:

    I love this! I am escaping to a lovely cottage in Cornwall for Christmas and this would be so perfect to take with me!!

  115. Dean Williams says:

    Hot chocolate and scary movies snuggled up on sofa

  116. Suzanne says:

    Love hot chocolate, curling up with a really good book and knitting warm items for myself and my family.

  117. chloe bates says:

    Wrapping up in blankets, lots of hot chocolates and candles everywhere!!

  118. Anna Gleave says:

    I love simple decor with soft warm lighting and delight in little pleasures like a cup of tea, a soft heated throw and snuggling up with my children to read together (or my dog!).

  119. Victoria Cattanach says:

    We love the Hygee concept here! Living in West Scotland it can get pretty dark, cold and wet and you feel like you never see daylight, thankfully with the help of candles, warm soft furnishings and warming drinks (wine or tea haha) and a slow cooker to make sure we come into beautiful aromas spirits are still kept high!!

  120. Frances H says:

    Toasting crumpets, drinking tea and snuggling for England!

  121. lisa2062 says:

    I’ll be snuggling up under my duvet watching films with some snacks, and a mug of hot chocolate.

  122. Natasha Male says:

    A nice glass of red wine, a roaring fire and a blanket… bliss

  123. Lorraine Kirk says:

    I will be taking Hygge by the horns; roaring fire, good book, blankets galore; fantastic food and hot berry juice.

  124. daniel baugh says:

    Hot Chocolate under a blanket

  125. Justine Hughes says:

    I bought The Little Book of Hygge and since then have bought throws, candles and lamps to use instead of the overhead lights.

  126. Debbie W says:

    We’ve got the softest, cosiest blankets/throws ever this year and love cuddling up with them! My youngest son just came home soaked from the rain and went straight into pjs and under his “blankie”. He’s nearly a teenager but turns back into a toddler when cuddled up on the sofa with the dog (who has his own blankie too!)

  127. Jo Young says:

    I have an open fire and love nothing more than snuggling in front of it – even better if marshmallows are involved.

  128. John Edwards says:

    Looking at your hamper has put me in the Xmas mood already. There are so many lovely festive gifts.

  129. Zoe C says:

    By baking and making crafts, and snuggling up at night with a book

  130. Barbara Knight says:

    Lots of cosy throws, candles, chocolate and gin.

  131. blulu25 says:

    I would love to embrace hygge this winter by emulating the one on the cover of the book. I want to be cosy warm with those cuddly socks and a a cup of spicy tea to keep me warm 🙂

  132. Alica says:

    Lots of time snuggled on the sofa with a cat or 5 with fleecy throws!

  133. Jim Milligan says:

    A glass of mulled wine and a book.

  134. Julie Bellham says:

    With lots of Xmas films!

  135. Lorraine Stone says:

    Love to embrace hygge by snuggling on the sofa with a mug of hot chocolate ~~

  136. Fiona King says:

    I will be snuggling up with lots of tea

  137. glenka2014 says:

    Lying on the sofa wrapped up in warm blankets reading a good book.

  138. Heather Haigh says:

    Handknitted woolies, knitted scandenavian tree decoations, hot chocolate.

  139. I’ll be embracing it by sitting in front of my fire with a nice blanket and catching up on all the films I’ve missed

  140. Caroline Hunter says:

    Snuggling up in my onesie on the settee, drinking a cup of cocoa 🙂

  141. T4Travels says:

    I’ve just discovered Hygge and love the concept

  142. Lucy Major says:

    Some nice warm slippers and a blanket on the sofa with hot chocolate and a book

  143. Holly Gibson says:

    By fluffy jumpers and cups of tea inside

  144. Stephanie Tsang says:

    I will be embracing hygge by snuggling up on the sofa with my two children.

  145. rominy colville says:

    lots of tealight candles x

  146. I will be embracing hygge this winter with duvet cover days and hot chocolate with marshmallows.

  147. Lucia says:

    Lots of blankets, log fires and hot chocolate!

  148. Lorraine Tinsley says:

    I have been embracing hygge by snuggling up with my 2 kids, I’ve got some really warm snuggly pyjamas with a few mugs of hot chocolate, no tech just us and a good film.

  149. aminorkey says:

    Candles and throws – I’m sure I used to do this before it was called hygge though!

  150. Rebekah Treacy says:

    I will be embracing hygge with my daughters, wearing our fleecy pyjamas and fluffy socks, sitting by the fire with hot chocs 🙂

  151. Stephanie says:

    Knitting by the fireplace while sipping mulled wine or cider. Or I might be reading a good book in front of the fire after a tasty supper of homemade stew, fresh homemade bread and homemade apple pie . I can also be found hiking through the mountain trails near my house. It will all be very hygge.

  152. It’ll be plenty of warm blankets, cosy candles and warm drinks!

  153. This is the first I’ve ever heard of Hygge & I cannot wait to endulge in it this Winter!

  154. Joanne Blunt says:

    Hygge is amazing and I will be embracing it with lots of blankets and hot chocolate all round.

  155. Molly Lyon says:

    I’ll definitely be using candles to get that cosy, warming feeling throughout the house.

  156. judy kennedy says:

    I would eat the chocolate and mini baileys with my three best friends under a blanket watching a black and white film

  157. Ellen says:

    Aw, this is such a lovely opportunity! Hygge is the best part of the colder seasons 🙂

  158. Donata Scoging says:

    log fire, cosy blanket, hot chocolate and my cat 🙂

  159. Helen tovell says:

    I snuggle up in a candlelit room with fluffy socks and a warm blanket with a glass of wine and a good book

  160. blixmagazine says:

    Would love to win this! 🙂

  161. leanne weir says:

    I have a big duvet and a glass of wine that keeps me happy

  162. Laura Nice says:

    I will embrace Hygge by getting my friends around and having a girlie evening! ❤

  163. Alison Johnson says:

    With my Lavender & vanilla candle & my nice new extra soft & really warm throw.

  164. I’ll be embracing the simple:- warming cups of tea, warmth of candle light, cosy fire and warming fluffy socks.

  165. Judy says:

    Always cosy socks, ‘jamas on early and a hot water bottle, tucked up under a super warm throw.

  166. I hadn’t heard of Hygge until recently! I guess I’ll be curling up in front of the fire with a good book 🙂

  167. Georgina Nathan says:

    Great post! My HYGGE is gathered around on the floor with my family, each of us have out own fluffy blanket wrapped around us while we play board games and drink hot chocolate. Candles flickering around us and the sound of a storm raging outside. We are inside, safe and warm with nothing but the glow of the candlelight and eachother company 🙂

  168. TRACY JAMES says:

    i,ll be keeping warm snuggling up with my two cats,under a fuvet watching christmas movies x

  169. Solange says:

    I like snuggling up on the sofa with a glass of wine, my warm blankets and fluffy jumpers.

  170. Looks so cozy! I like to create Hygge for the people I love and this would really help out! Thanks! Xxx

  171. With the harsh winter winds whipping around the wind sweep fields of Hertfordshire, the hamper will be the perfect ‘come home to’ treat you always need after a long day.

  172. Mihaela Petrache says:

    Awesome prize !!! Cheers !!!

  173. Catherine says:

    Amazing giveaway, i will be sharing this with by boyfriend if i win 🙂

  174. Jackie Dawson says:

    cosy in front of the tv, with a nice big mug of hot chocolate.

  175. Plenty of throws to snuggl under, hot chocolate and marshmallows to dip in 🙂

  176. Josh Burrell says:

    I’l be spending plenty of cosy nights in with my girlfriend this winter reading and watching movies

  177. Kay Broomfield says:

    Nice hot cup of coffee with candles on a cold evening!

  178. Ellie Wood says:

    I’m embracing winter by knitting a big blanket and trying to come up with a tasty hot chocolate recipe for our christmas eve

  179. Purmala Shrestha says:

    This Christmas we’ll be embracing hygge with lots of warm throws and blankets, and getting the log fire going in the lounge for some super comfortable nights in!

  180. teenywhale says:

    I’ll be snuggling up with some warm socks and a glass of Baileys!

  181. Emma Rawlinson says:

    Woolly jumpers while playing Cluedo by the fire

  182. Rhia P says:

    Candles in a spiced festive scent, a snuggly throw to get cosied up in on the sofa, hot chocolate and, above all else, family ❤
    I love this time of year!

  183. Anne Alexis O says:

    I’ll be definitely embracing The Art of Hygge…The Art of COMFORT STYLE AND THE ULTIMATE COSY FEELING…bring on those fluffy sock! ❤️🎄❤️🎄❤️🎄❤️🎄❤️🎄❤️🎄❤️🎄❤️🎄❤️🎄❤️🎄

  184. amy bondoc says:

    oo candles, blankets, fluffy socks and a log fire!

  185. Lovely wool socks, cosy blankets and candles. Have a lovely winter x

  186. maureen findley says:

    oh ilove up in winter by a roaring fire x

  187. Nicki Ramsay says:

    Snuggling up on the sofa with my dogs with my fleecy comfy socks and a woolly throw round me drinking hot chocolate.

  188. Penny H says:

    I would get hygge with some cosy blankets, candle light and a hot chocolate!

  189. Wow looks like such an awesome collection! 😀

  190. Making my home nice and cosy for the winter

  191. purpleshoes says:

    lots of candles and cosyness

  192. gothlass88 says:

    yes lots of candles this xmas season

  193. Hope Flynn says:

    I’ll be embracing hygge by wrapping up in a thick dressing gown, sitting on the sofa with hot chocolate, biscuits and a thick blanket whilst watching Christmas films and reading my favourite books. Surrounded by family and children, the cosiness with be at the highest level – perfection! ♥

  194. tanya says:

    I would love to win this and have a cosy night in this winter

  195. Klara Suto Cort says:

    I love embracing hygge, with scented candles, staying cosy inside, baking and reading good books

  196. Magdalene Drummond says:

    Candles and blankets 🙂

  197. Saskia Chiu says:

    Lovely items! I’ll definitely be wearing my cosy socks and lighting lovely scented candles this winter!

  198. emilia nastaly-howard says:

    Under blankets on the sofa with warm cup of tea 🙂

  199. Ooh, how lovely!

    I’m spending December in Slovenia, within sight of the snow-capped Alps. I’ll be sipping mulled wine in the fairytale Christmas market in Ljubljana, and watching the Sveti Niklaus and Krampus procession, meeting Grandpa Frost, going for long walks in the forests, visiting an ice palace nativity, and spending evenings in my apartment, schnuggled up with steaming bowls of home-made jota and soup, and watching great movies!

  200. What a lovely Christmassy giveaway…can’t beat cosy knits and a spicy warm beverage 🙂 I’ll be putting some Scandinavian decorations on my tree again this year too.

  201. Rachel white says:

    We all love our favourite snuggle blankets.. hot chocolate and marshmallow and lots of logs on our open fire.. we have to fight the bassets for the best spot though 🌟⭐🎄🎁🎁

  202. Amazing giveaway! It makes me so excited for Winter

  203. samantha price says:

    warm soft blankets and hot choclate

  204. Blankets, and fluffy slippers ❤

  205. charlotte says:

    snuggling in front of the tele with a blanket and hot drink 🙂

  206. clair downham says:

    lots of family snuggling with xmas tv

  207. maria blythin says:

    thanks for a lovely cosy giveaway competition x

  208. Lara says:

    Is there anything better than a hamper?! I think not!! This one looks so lovely and perfect for snuggling up in winter x

  209. Han says:

    Plenty of blankets, candles and hot chocolates!

  210. Stephanie says:

    I will be staying cozy with lots of candles, throws and chocolate 🙂

  211. Deborah Clarke says:

    I love to snuggle up beside the fireplace watching the nights draw in with the other half. This hamper would make it all the more cosy and special. What a treat. Would make a perfect start to the festive season.

  212. Johannah Carroll says:

    A lovely selection of heartwarming treats. x

  213. Sophie Grayling says:

    Lots of hand knitted baby items !

  214. Karen Helm says:

    It’s all about the hygge

  215. maxime goodwin says:

    I love Hygge!! Candles blankets cable knits long walks with my doggies candlelit bubble baths lovely!

  216. compingblog says:

    I will be embracing hygge this winter by getting all cozied up and taking the kids out for a walk in the forest of course with hygge socks under my wellies

  217. Donna W says:

    I’m 4 months pregnant and have a little boy so I’m going to be making the most of cosy days on the sofa with fluffy socks, warm blankets, hot chocolate, good books and snuggles.

  218. tee simpson says:

    i will be curling up on the sofa watching films with my kids whilst enjoying hygge stuff

  219. Kate Green says:

    Snuggling ith hubby under warm blankets in front of blazing fire with a Bailey’s hot choc and classic Christmas films

  220. Joanna Coleshill says:

    I’ll be lighting lots of candles and getting a fleecy throw

  221. Lucy Robinson says:

    My mum has always been a hygge lover but has only recently discovered it’s a thing! I know she would absolutely love a hamper like this for christmas. She’s already planning on going on a scandinavian cruise, this hamper would make her so happy.

  222. I’m embracing the lights and have dug out my lamps and candles!

  223. Nick Wells-Gaston says:

    What a great prize, would love to be the winner!!

  224. Kelly says:

    I love the hearts your mum made!

  225. brownhandbag says:

    I am gonna take up Jumbo knitting!

  226. helzmet says:

    Having friends round for dinner I’d hope to make the house hyggelig with a lit fire, warm throws, lots of candles, soft music and warming foods. Its important to still be social during the dark winter nights.

  227. sadie coffin says:

    A blanket, cup of tea and a good film

  228. Layla Thomas says:

    I’ll be embracing it with fuzzy socks, a onesie and nice hot tea.

  229. mumjd says:

    wearing my slipper boots and onesie, with a nice mug of hot chocolate

  230. Liam Bishop says:

    I’ll be getting out my fluffy dressing gown and wearing it non-stop.

  231. Rachel James says:

    I’ll be embracing hygge with snuggly blankets, fluffy socks, a fur covered hot water bottle and generally trying to cozy up my home!

  232. Claire says:

    I will be snuggled up under a blanket in front of a roaring fire

  233. jennifer mason says:

    winter nights, coal fire, fluffy socks, favourite drink, good movie what more could i ask for…… oh yes a winter hygge hamper

  234. russell says:

    My wife loves baking so when a fresh batch is done, I like sitting down to read my Kindle, with biscuit in hand

  235. Hayley Robson says:

    Cosy socks, log burner on and snuggly blankets

  236. Sophie W says:

    I adore the nordic hearts – I’ll have to learn how to make some myself. What a lovely idea for a winter hamper!

  237. Emma Jones says:

    Snuggly Blankets, Candles, Reading Books and mainly wearing pyjamas X

  238. sharon martin says:

    curled up on the sofa under a fluffy blanket, relaxing with a mug of tea with a good book or my colouring book

  239. Marie Powell says:

    comfy red throws and plenty of scatter cushions to snuggle into

  240. tessaholly says:

    I’ve just gotten a cosy new cardigan that is perfect for wrapping up in and I’m on the hunt for the perfect faux fur blanket! x

  241. The best thing about winter is having our wood-burner chuffing away during the long cold nights. We snuggle up with blankets with fairy lights and candles glowing.

  242. I love a good blanket for a snuggle with candles around the room and the fire on x

  243. Debbie Hoare says:

    A lovely winter warmer giveaway.

  244. Debbie Hoare says:

    Lots of winter warming food and drink with friends and family. A lovely winter warmer giveaway.

  245. Nicola Doherty says:

    I really want to try the hygge tea ! Sounds festive and warming !!!

  246. Suzi says:

    It all sounds like a perfect weekend pj day with family to me – cosied up on the sofa, fire crackling, candles burning, warming drinks and snacks, and a friendly game of cards on the go too. ❤️

  247. Helen Thurston says:

    Curling up on the sofa under a cosy throw/blanket, reading a good book, enjoying a spicy hot chocolate (or glass of red wine) with an apple cinnamon scented candle.

  248. modzy78 says:

    Wearing a warm sweater and knitted boot slippers, wrapped in a blanket next to my husband and daughter, with a hot drink (hot chocolate or tea), and maybe a book or craft project.

  249. Sara says:

    Fantastic giveaway💜💜💜💜💜
    I love it AL
    Yes please 😘😘😘😘😘

  250. Such an amazing prize – looks so cosy & snuggly

  251. Lorraine Langham says:

    A blazing fire, pretty candles, snuggly blanket and cosy pyjamas – bliss!

  252. Stacey Melia says:

    We have spent the last 6 months renovating our first house, the last thing to go in was the wood burner, we are having a very hygge winter!

  253. Cara S says:

    Fluffy socks 😀

  254. Kim Styles says:

    lots of eclectic cushions on the sofa – incense sticks and floating candles I don’t have open fire but I have a wonderful open fire on dvd which I play on the telly on Christmas day! isnt that quaint?!

  255. suzanne foster says:

    I love the concept it embraces all the things I love, fires, hot chocolate, cuddles and comfy blankies

  256. Petra Beck says:

    I will spend a lot of time in my kitchen cooking and baking, so it will be the cosiest room in the house!

  257. Jules Eley says:

    By lighting lots of candles, dimming the lights, getting the blankets out and popping the movies on 🙂

  258. clairew137 says:

    Wrapping up in a blanket.

  259. teresa says:


  260. Serena La Pietra says:

    By smelling and eating all things Cinnamon

  261. sophbrook says:

    I love the idea of hygge and read about it recently in a book called ‘The Year of Living Danishly’. I definitely think I’ll be bringing hygge to my home this winter by buying some fluffy blankets for all the rooms in my house!

  262. sally92013 says:

    I have changed all the cushion, curtains and rugs for warm fluffy ones in rich colours x

  263. Susan Smith says:

    Will be embracing with open arms

  264. supastar1501 says:

    Curling up on the sofa with a nice mug of hot chocolate x

  265. Ami Blackburn says:

    I will be embracing Hygge this winter by stocking up on lots of hot chocolate. I’ve already got the cosy blankets on the settee and the heating has been on since October. Just working on the collection of Christmas films and working out which we will watch first.

  266. fiona timms says:

    snuggling with my cat under blankets

  267. Irene says:

    I’m embracing hygge, enjoying the cold weather by walking in the nearby woods before coming home to a latte laced with my newly discovered caramel syrup

  268. Plenty of scented candles, cosy socks and pyjamas and warm furnishings and fabrics.

  269. Jess Mary says:

    I love my warm fluffy socks and yummy hot chocolates during winter time 🙂

  270. I’m going to be spending time learning to love myself as well as everyone else. Cosying up nice and warm and forgetting lifes troubles.

  271. Emma Cooper says:

    So far I’m failing to really embrace hygge this winter – the weather is too wet and miserable! A nice hamper like this would certainly help to get me in the right mood 🙂

  272. clarem100 says:

    lots of snuggles on the sofa reading to my children

  273. Heather Reading says:

    I’m investing in some lamps and ditching the central light, adding a few scented candles, some cosy cushions and a soft throw.

  274. Hannah Scudder says:

    Lots of blankets on the sofa with hot chocolate and festive films

  275. Donna Caldwell says:

    I’m going to be snuggling up with some cosy blankets and yummy hot chocolate

  276. Lucy Waldon says:

    Cute giveaway!

    I’ll be snuggling up with some cosy blankets, film marathons and plenty of gingerbread lattes or mulled wine! Bliss 🙂

    Lucy xx

  277. Fran Hayden says:

    Getting snuggly with blankets, hot chocolate, cosy blankets and my kittens. Great giveaway – fingers crossed! xx

  278. fran hayden says:

    Getting snuggly with hot chocolate, cosy blankets and my kittens. Winter is the perfect time to make a nest on the sofa and wrap up warm. Great giveaway! x

  279. Angharad says:

    I will be embracing hygge this year with lots of warm blankets and Baileys coffees! x

  280. Allan Wilson says:

    Relaxing by the open fire with a nice cup of milky chocolate (maybe with a tot of rum in it)

  281. Eileen Sumner says:

    Wrapping up in a fleece blanket in front of the TV

  282. it’s my first time trying to get Hygge with it (couldn’t resist sorry).. so curling up with a nordic print blanket with a candle and cup of hot chocolate will probably do it for me!

  283. greig spencer says:

    lots of cuddles with my partner by the fire while drinking mulled wine and watching xmas films

  284. Judith Allen says:

    I like when the weather sounds all wild with rain tapping at the window, and I’m snuggled under a warm quilt with a good book.

  285. Rachel says:

    I’ll be embracing hygge this winter by snuggling on the sofa with the family, wrapped in a warm blanket, a cup of hot cocoa (with marshmallows of course) and a good book or movie!

  286. Laura-Jane Baker says:

    Appreciating a quiet moment under a cosy blanket with a good book.

  287. michelle speight says:

    by spending time with my family cuddled up on sofa

  288. Sarah says:

    Would love to win this ❤️️Just moved into our first own home and want to make it cosy 🏡

  289. hannahlig says:

    I will be lighting a candle, sipping hot chocolate and warming myself by the fire

  290. Kat Allinson says:

    I will be cuddling up with my children with snuggly blankets and hot chocolate with gorgeous scented candles

  291. Vickie Jackson says:

    wrapping up in fleecy pjs and being under a snuggly blanket watching a few films and drinking a scrummy hot chocolate (complete with marshmallows and squirty cream) and popcorn!

  292. cuddling on the sofa with quilts watching xmas films waiting for the big man in red coming 🙂

  293. I will be embracing hygge this winter with our first ever cosy Christmas at home in our new cottage, by the log burner, with plenty of Prosecco and candles 🙂

  294. jen samuel says:

    I’ll be sitting under a cosy throw infront of my woodburner with loads of gorgeous candles. Infact I did this last night as we had a power cut for 7 hours and it was great fun!

  295. Natalie Jones says:

    We are all snuggled up with fluffy blankets, candles lit and a roaring fire, kids are watching a movie and I’m just enjoying the quiet lol

  296. delphine says:

    so nice idea

  297. Michelle G says:

    A slanket, a Yankee Candle (already on our second Cosy by the Fire of the Autumn, they’re lush! Smell like a coal fire!), bed socks and knitting my husband’s Christmas jumper. And plenty of tea lights!

  298. Heating on full, a box of chocolates and a good film.

  299. bella bazley says:

    Candlelight, “cosy by the fire” scent even if I can’t have a real log fire, and a little tipple sound like a good way to get some hygge in my life.

  300. Sam Goodwin says:

    Snuggles, hot chocolate and food!!

  301. deborah smith says:

    im going to spend xmas with my partner and two boys fab competition and blog thankyou xx

  302. carole nott says:

    great prize – would love to share this and all the festivities with my family

  303. Ann Skamarauskas says:

    I think the answer is that I will be embracing hygge WARMLY this year

  304. janine atkin says:

    warm blankets and cosy slippers after work

  305. Tiffany Spence says:

    Cosied up by the fire with my feline friends!

  306. Christine Caple says:

    I will be reading some good books, whilst wrapped up cosily in a fleece blanket

  307. mandydoherty65 says:

    Some baking then snuggling up in my favourite blanket to eat chocolate

  308. Agnieszka Sady says:

    I bought 2 books about Hygge just a few days ago and am totally embracing this concept! I have already added fairly lights, candles and soft blankets to my living room and the difference is unreal. Long term, we are planning to built a fireplace in our living room for the ultimate hygge feel! But this winter I can see myself snuggling on the sofa with a hot cup of tea, maybe watching a Christmas film or looking out the window onto the frosty white fields!

  309. jessica catherine says:

    i will spend my winder with a glass of mulled wine watching my fav shows

  310. Lesley Bain says:

    I have just moved in to a new home with an open fire. There will be plenty of cosy blankets, bed socks and hot drinks in front of roaring logs ❤ x

  311. k dunn says:

    in front of the fire with hot chocolate

  312. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    I will be making lots of homemade soups and dinners

  313. kaye steeper says:

    just curling up with a good book and a warm blanket

  314. maureen moss says:

    cosiness” a feeling of calm togetherness and the enjoyment of simple pleasures, perhaps illuminated by the gentle flicker of candlelight ….I couldn’t agree more with this…snuggled up by a log fire with some lovely chocolate and a book and soft music in the background a cat purring on my knee heaven, perhaps a few roasted chestnuts too.

  315. lyn west says:

    snuggling up with cosy candles & throws

  316. Pam Smith says:

    I’ll be wrapping up warmly in my cosiest jumpers and slippers drinking hot chocolate with a splash of Brandy in it!

  317. Kristyn Harris says:

    I will be embracing Hygge by having cosy night in by the fire with my family

  318. Gemma Rice says:

    Our big blanket (it’s years old but it’s lush and warm), Shaun on one side of the sofa, me on the other & our shih tzu, Poppy in the middle. Cuddling all night. Nothing better ❄️😊

  319. Amanda Tanner says:

    Having a night in wrapped up warm with a few bottles if wine

  320. By wrapping up warm in woolly socks and jumpers!

  321. Ali Thorpe says:

    I shall be curling up with scented candles, cosy throws and my dog, with hot chocolate at hand, to watch a few feel-good films.

  322. Jane Newbrook says:

    Feet up in front of the new log burner and a glass of brandy

  323. Susan Trubey says:

    snuggling under my 30 year old blanket with a bar of chocolate

  324. theresa cooke says:

    warm bath and a good book

  325. I shall be wearing my thick woolly socks and drinking hot chocolate

  326. simon hardy says:

    I will hopefully be getting some time off work to enjoy time with my family

  327. kebby says:

    what a lovely cosy winter bundle

  328. Rachel Butterworth says:

    Cosy jumpers, roaring fires and quality time with my family.

  329. Sheila Reeves says:

    I’ll be embracing hygge by snuggling on the sofa with lots of blankets and my dog – and a good book

  330. Charmian Filewood says:

    Candles, fluffy dressing gowns and fresh clean bedsheets 🙂

  331. Jill Ashton says:

    A relaxing christmas, no ipads etc., just music candles and conversation

  332. Kat says:

    I’ve never heard of Hygge before but after a little google I really like what it stands for! We are going to just enjoy our two weeks off work and school together as a family, walks, gifts, good food and fun together.

  333. Fiona Sanderson says:

    This is the first time I have ever heard of Hygge and I just want to give you a massive thank you! It sounds fantastic and I am having a tough time at the moment so sounds like just what I need! I will be spending this winter with big fluffy socks and my favourite blanket with a purring cat on my lap. I will also be buying the hygge book if I do not win the comp so I will be reading that while bundled up!

  334. A.E. ADKINS says:

    I’ll be embracing hygge with my blanket at the ready!

  335. Keeping warm with hot chocolate and marshmellows!

  336. Kimberley Ryan says:

    lots of cushions, candles and blankets

  337. Bonnie King says:

    We’ve tried to add blankets and throws to make our livingroom feel more cosy. I’ve ordered some new candles to put on our coffee table too 🙂

  338. Angela Paull says:

    I am going to embrace all things woollen and cuddly. Big jumpers. Knitted blankets and cushions you name it and it will have hug appeal

  339. Natasha R-M says:

    I’ll be snuggling under a furry throw in front of a log fire with a nice cup of tea and some home-made cake.

  340. cluckyhen0 says:

    I’m embracing Hygge with lots of lovely candles for ambient lighting and heat

  341. Nancy Bradford says:

    Spending lots of time snuggling with my little family and watching Christmas movies x

  342. Sue Dorking says:

    We have lots of throws and candles and enjoy steaming mugs of hot chocolate with friends around a cosy fire

  343. snuggling on the sofa with my hubby and kitty

  344. Amanda Young says:

    Snuggling up on the settee with a hot chocolate and a good book

  345. Paula van treek says:

    My boyfriend is coming over from the UK to Chile to celebrate Christmas with me! Since I study a very stressfull career, I NEED to introduce some hygge into my life. I just started my investigation and found this perfect contest!!!! I really want to win!

  346. I love cuddling up all cosy at with a hot chocolate and a xmas film

  347. Clara Bee says:

    Getting cosy at home with my family

  348. spuddy11 says:

    love my jumpers and slipper socks

  349. Ann-Marie Gould says:

    snugling up in my fleece blanket with hot chocolate and some lovely scented candles

  350. Juliet Wilson says:

    I’m all about hygge! I’m going to be snuggled under a thick blanket, fluffy socks on, cup of hot chocolate ( or a baileys over ice, depends how good or bad the day has been haha) in hand and candles lit!

  351. Adrian Lee says:

    Fingers crossed

  352. Anna Crowley says:

    Snuggled up under a lovely blanket on the sofa with my hot water bottle and a delicious cup on cocoa!

  353. Anthea Holloway says:

    I shall be embracing hygge with lots of warm clothes and hot chocolate and a little brandy and sloe gin too!

  354. sheridarby says:

    With lots of home made soup

  355. kim wallace says:

    hat and gloves

  356. Kim M says:

    Fairy lights, candles, snuggly pj’s. hot chocolate with marshmallows, a good book and my cat on my knee

  357. Sabine Bassler says:

    In the true sense of hygge: spending quality time with my friends, eating good food, laughing and and forgetting all about what is bad in this world, even just for a few hours.

  358. Rich Tyler says:

    Having family snuggles 🙂

  359. Sarah says:

    With the smell of old tinsel. Can’t beat it.

  360. Patricia Avery says:

    Snuggling on the sofa under a soft blanket , wearing big cosy socks and my thermals, oh and eating chocolate 🙂

  361. Candyfloss says:

    I feel the cold a lot more now so I’ll be getting really snuggly under a blanket with a good book.

  362. I’ll be getting cosy on the sofa under a blanket with a big bowl of home made soup!

  363. Alison Bayne says:

    For me, nothing is more hygge than our wood-burner which I light at midday to avoid putting the central heating on! I am learning to cook on it too!

  364. emilytealady says:

    I’ll be snuggling up with my crocheted blankets, hot tea and candles lit to watch my favourite movies. I love feeling all snug and cosy x

  365. Rebecca says:

    What a lovely prize! I’ll be ‘hibernating’ in my dressing gown and under blankets as I drink lots of hot chocolate.

  366. Sarah Rees says:

    A nice warm throw and some hot chocolate

  367. Andy Craig says:

    Lots of blankets and meatballs

  368. Debi Newman says:

    Lots of cuddly blankets x

  369. Lisa Wilkinson says:

    Getting wrapped up warm and going for walks in the country

  370. M Harvey says:

    Snuggling with the husband if you know what I mean

  371. I’ll be embracing it with family x

  372. Jayne West says:

    Putting on my scandi jumper and boots and lighting the candles

  373. Jessica Hutton says:

    Lots of cuddly blankets and candles!

  374. Lia Burns says:

    Snuggling up!

  375. Kay Surtees says:

    Duvet and not water bottle

  376. Caroline Rann says:

    Furry blankets

  377. gina8881 says:

    Embracing with a mini Bailey’s chocolate and my cosy socks

  378. Catriona Hutchinson says:

    I think I’ll be thinking a lot more about gentle and cosy lighting.

  379. Allan Fullarton says:

    Blankets on the sofa with hot chocolate and films

  380. Sarah tomlinson says:

    Great prize!

  381. karen watt says:

    Fab Prizes

  382. Andrea A says:

    I’ll be embracing hygge this winter by curling up under blankets, reading books whilst drinking hot chocolate and enjoying the peace and quiet.

  383. new jammies! fluffly socks, a big chai latte, and the fire crackling away in the background with my lovely boyfriend 🙂

  384. JULIE DAVIES says:

    Lovely winter prize. Thank you.

  385. Lovely winter giveaway. Thank you.

  386. Francesca Harrod says:

    Though choice and necessity – snuggling in the cold and seeking peace 🙂

  387. Alannah Smith says:

    With December just around the corner I have got my slanket out, my big mug for all the hot chocolate and a stack of good DVD’s to keep me entertained!!

  388. Carly Belsey says:

    I am going to be wearing my comfy onsie and my children will wear theirs too and we will all snuggle on the sofa watching films over Christmas whilst I am drinking a glass of Baileys 🙂

  389. MICHELLE Stewart says:


  390. liz ferguson says:

    I’ll be keeping cosy with a nip of sherry and a snuggly blanket!

  391. Emily Hutchinson says:

    Mellow lighting and lots of layers are the order of the day!

  392. claire little says:

    lots of cuddles

  393. Tricia Cowell says:

    I will have cosy warm fleeces, snuggled on the sofa with hot chocolate

  394. Jayne Townson says:

    A warm blanket, homemade cookies and some Christmas candles.

  395. Michelle Wild says:

    Fabulous smelling candles and lights in bottles are already being incorporated.

  396. Deborah Hambleton says:

    I will be lighting my scented candles and snuggling on the sofa with a glass of wine and my hubby and 2 cats

  397. Sarah Wilson says:

    With candles, blankets and hot chocolate!!

  398. Mary H says:

    I’ll be adding some mulled wine and hot toddies to the mix and plenty of hot sex to warm me up.

  399. c tindale says:

    ‘Attitude Adjusters’! a nice glass of mulled wine!

  400. Gemma Massey says:

    I will be snuggling by the fire with a hot chocolate and my chug with my scented candles lit xx

  401. Cozy nights in front of the fire with simple home cooked food

  402. Anita says:

    This is the first I’ve heard of hygge but the hamper sounds amazing. I love my thick polo-neck jumpers and hot thick soup at this time of year

  403. Tricia Rasberry says:

    What a great prize

  404. lizibeevor says:

    I’m going to be snuggled up with my husband for our first Christmas as a married couple under a fluffy blanket drinking ginger wine or yummy tea or hot choc! Visiting family too for hyggelig family time!

  405. lynn neal says:

    I am going to keep warm and snug in my best woollies and burn some scented candles!

  406. Erica Price says:

    Candles and blankets

  407. Amy Warwick says:

    I burn lots of candles in winter – the Yankee ones sound lovely!!

  408. Getting my hot water bottle out!

  409. Maxine Feehely says:

    Candles, fairy lights and blankets

  410. Philip Underwood says:

    I will decorate the house, buy cushions and throws and get the candles out!

  411. Susan B says:

    I will be reinstalling the focal point fire and adding soft furnishings to the sofa and armchairs. And, of course, drinking lots of warming Merlot.

  412. Charlotte Burford says:

    Snuggled up under a throw with a good book and a massive glass of wine!

  413. Judy Beba-Brown says:

    Snuggling under a (fake) fur rug in front of the fire with a warm husband!

  414. denise s says:

    Love my real fire and wool blankets

  415. vegantiffeny says:

    I will be embracing hygge by snuggling up on the sofa with a nice cuppa, surrounded by twinkling fairy lights and scented candles 🙂 x

  416. Sue Price says:

    I will be using my aromatherapy oil diffuser to create a gorgeous scented room, and getting full on cosy with plenty of cushions, throws & a delicious hot chocolate

  417. Kimberley Hazelton says:

    By getting warm and comfy

  418. Sayeed says:

    Embracing and enjoying the time of year, going for winter walks and indulging in the Christmas spirit by trying to be a kinder person. Oh and wearing christmassy hats and socks!

  419. Mark richardson says:

    Hot cake,hot chocolate and hugs.

  420. I will use it to relax and prepare for a relaxing sensual night in woth my husband calming and comfprtable

  421. Christine Hobbs says:

    I love to light the log burner and some scented candles snuggle under the blanket and put the kettle on the stove to make hot chocolate. When the kettle whistles I heat the griddle pan to warm some griddle cakes.

  422. Fleur says:

    Bed socks all day and night long

  423. Averil Lea says:

    Snuggled down with handmade blankets and a hot toddy

  424. Rose Elise says:

    I definitely don’t feel too old for cuddly toys, especially when it is so cold out! I’ll be keeping them downstairs on the sofa so I can feel cosy in front of the fire.

  425. poppy buchanan says:


  426. fionajk42 says:

    I will be wrapped up in a blanket on my sofa, with my cats and a nice cup of hot chocolate and reading a book or watching TV.

  427. I’m cosy indoors, candle lit (choc pud scent!) mug of tea & obligatory biscuits, plus I enjoy Nordic noir boxsets.. if that counts 🙂

  428. Sam Parkes says:

    Snuggled up on the sofa with my little girl watching Xmas movies whilst sipping hot chocolate.

  429. Julie Booth says:

    I have embraced Hygge with white faux fur throws on the sofas, fluffy cushions, and lots of scented tea lights and candles

  430. tarbs gill says:

    I will be wrapped up like cracker!

  431. Gemma Cook says:

    I love to snuggle up under a blanket in front of the fire, with popcorn and a good film x

  432. gemma raines says:

    I will be embracing hygge this winter with a nice blanket and hot choc and a good book

  433. John Gunn says:

    I will be keeping hygge through the use of candles, duvets and hot chocolate!

  434. Joanna Kasznicki says:

    With snuggly blankets, candles, warm mulled wine and soft lighting

  435. I will be keeping nicely wrapped up in my duvet with a water bottle and family 🙂

  436. Jane Robertson says:

    A warm cosy home with subdued lighting and the scent of spice in the air. So relaxing!

  437. Audra bland says:

    Sitting by log fire with my new slippers on and curled up with a book

  438. Victoria Prince says:

    I will be embracing hygge by taking time to just relax and not stress, with a mug of hot chocolate curled up on the settee 🙂

  439. JENNY MACE says:

    Awesome prize – everything to make you really snuggly this Winter! Good Luck everyone x

  440. Kirsteen Mackay says:

    Cosy in bed with a hot cup of tea and a good magazine.

  441. Lyndsey Shingler says:

    I’ve been embracing hygge my whole life but I just didn’t know what hygge was until recently! I love fluffy pyjamas, thick socks and sitting on the sofa with my husband, the cat and a cosy blanket. And a mug of hot chocolate just caps it all off.

  442. Tammy Neal says:

    Wearing thermals onesies dressing growns hot water bottle and a hot chocolate xx

  443. fluffy pjs , fluffy socks and a cosy blankie – ive always been a hygge fan

  444. Ruth Wollerton says:

    My snuggly socks, aromatic candles and my my onesie make for HYGGE HEAVEN.

  445. jackie rushton says:

    A warm blanket, roaring fire and good cup of coffee

  446. Jenny Sue says:

    Snuggling up on the sofa with hot chocolate and a good book

  447. Laura Kevlin says:

    Low lighting, snuggly blanket and indulgent treats! 🙂

  448. Natalie Crossan says:

    My candles, blankets and hot chocolate x

  449. karen says:

    I shall be embracing the HYGGE by snuggling with my animals under cosy throws in the living room

  450. robyn297 says:

    Lots of blankets, snuggles on the sofa and fairy lights for ambience.

  451. Yvonne says:

    Movies and good food x great prize x great blog x

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