Hello Hygge in Project Calm magazine

Just a quick one! I recently wrote a piece for issue 3 of Project Calm magazine called ‘A spring day the Nordic way’. In this article, I talk you through a spring day with some Scandinavian concepts you may not be familiar with to help you embrace this beautiful season. And yes, there may be a little mention or two of hygge in there…

With mindfulness through making in mind throughout the magazine, this issue will help you reconnect with nature after a long, cold winter, get crafty with a paper marbling walkthrough and discover how to get started with gardening.

Project Calm magazine issue 3 cover

There is a sample of issue 3 available here, and you can pick up a copy in WHSmith, Sainsbury’s, Tesco or online here.

I’d love to hear what you think if you manage to pick up a copy!



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  1. zozieposie says:

    Sounds a great article – I’d buy the mag if it were cheaper. It’s 10 pounds approx isn’t it. Good if you give springtime inspiration of hygee with the new season.
    I love spring and you will see some hygee springtime on my blog

    1. Hello! Yes, it’s £9.99 and a quarterly publication 🙂 I love spring too, can’t wait to see more blossom arrive – Brighton is already covered in daffodils and crocuses! Will take a look at your blog 🙂

  2. livalind says:

    Hi there, a little greeting from Denmark. I stumbled on to your blog, basically because of the word hygge and secondly because the first thing I saw was about gardens. So I have taken the liberty to follow you. Have a very nice day.

    1. Hello! Thank you so much, I really appreciate it – I’m hoping to come back to Denmark in the very near future!

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