Bathtime hygge

Look, I bloody love baths, OK? I know a lot of people find them boring or uncomfortable, but all I’ll say to that is that yes, it’s possible to have a wrong opinion.

While I love a Sunday night bath, I’m equally happy languishing in a midweek, midday bath. You know, when you have a day off work with no real plans, a whole box filled with Lush products and a relaxing playlist ready to go. This is the perfect example of solo hygge for me, and I’ve been known to plan an entire week’s activities around a specific bath. Is that lame? If it is, I never want to be cool.

Your perfect bath may vary, but for the uninitiated, or those looking to make the occasional switch from showers, or even just curious critters who want an insight into my most bubbly times, I’ve put together a quick glimpse into what makes the perfect bath for me.



I will always, always love Lush products for baths. I have such a big stash from birthdays and Christmases gone by that I often make a ‘Lush cocktail’, using a bath ballistic (the fizzy kind which often changes colour when it hits the water) and a bubble bar (which produces VAST amounts of bubbles when you run it under the tap). I’m quite a visual person, so I tend to go for similar colours so as not to ruin the perfect Insta-worthy bathtime aesthetic, and I gravitate towards blues (for that Blue Lagoon vibe) and pinks, because I’m a perfect princess and I won’t have anyone telling me otherwise. I’m also partial to a bath oil for soft, smooth skin, which I like to think transforms me into hygge personified.

Pink Lush bubble bath


I always have music on when I’m in the bath. I’m not someone who rests a tablet precariously on the side and watches a series. I work at a computer all day, so any excuse to get away from a screen is fine by me. I often go for dramatic classical music, or some chilled acoustic tunes, or ethereal indie, though I did recently have a phase of playing the La La Land soundtrack on repeat. Now isn’t the time for the RuPaul’s Drag Race lipsync playlist (that’s more for showers, I find) – I keep it serene when I hygge in the bath. Something like this Ambient Chill playlist is perfect, or I go for some atmospheric Sigur Rós when I’m feeling really contemplative.


Did you really think we’d get through this post without a little mention of the lighting? For one of my unnecessarily luxe daytime baths, it’s natural daylight all the way. When it’s a little less chilly, I’ll be throwing the window open for some fresh air too. For evening baths, I turn the main light off and go for (you’ll never guess)… candles! Yes, it’s shocking I know, but candles absolutely have a place in bathtime hygge too. If I’m feeling organised and Pinteresty, I go for scents which complement my bath products, but usually it’s more a case of whatever’s nearby. This Aquiesse Sandalwood Vanille candle is my current favourite – there are matches hidden in the lid too so you don’t need to go on a wild goose chase for a pack before the bath overflows.

Thinking material


Your bathtime hygge may involve a book or a magazine, but mine doesn’t – in part because I wouldn’t trust myself not to drop it in the water and ruin it. Instead, I use baths for thinking time. Baths are prime Kayleigh time, because I can ignore my phone, pop the bubbles one by one with my fingertip (brilliantly therapeutic) and daydream. I often plan imaginary holidays in the bath – I’ve seen Hawaii and Vietnam and Jamaica plenty of times from the comfort of my own home. Next time I think I’ll be off to the Dead Sea – extra bath salts mandatory.

How do you like to hygge in the bath? I’m always looking for ways to make bathtimes extra cosy, so hit me up with your own routine!


14 Comments Add yours

  1. Kelly says:

    I have a bath thermometer (its digital and looks like a duck), 42 degrees of bliss. Always the correct temperature.

    1. Hahaha, that sounds great! 42 degrees is a great temperature, I fully approve 😉

  2. Bridgette DeCoste says:

    I was anti-bath for my whole life until very recently. I guess I have lots to learn in the way of lighting, scents, tunes, etc! Great photos 🙂

    1. Once you get into baths you’ll never go back, especially if you have a stash of nice products to make it a real treat 🙂

  3. Sounds so relaxing. And it definitely makes me want to try Lush bath products…

  4. Brittnie says:

    Baths are the best! I love how you broke it all down, showing that it really is more than just filling a tub with water. Good reminder to be present and find joy in “common” things.

    1. Exactly! Even though a bath is a very simple thing, there are lots of ways to make it an even more enjoyable everyday experience!

  5. I guess I keep mine simple. Lavender salts and even Mr. Bubbles because I even at my age love Bubbles. For me you can’t have a bath without them. Candles are always Great! And definitely no books as they will be dropped by accident lol. Great post!

    1. You’re never ever too old for bubbles! And I totally understand about the books – I’m so ridiculously clumsy…

      1. You can’t be that clumsy or you wouldn’t be organized enough to write so well! I am new and never done this. Just started it last night so hopefully I can be as good as you one day.

      2. Have a question for you Kayleigh. Since I am new I don’t know. I have my “site” But when I tell people to go there they can only write a comment…not actually like it. It doesn’t have the stars to like a post like it does in here. Can ONLY wordpress members actually “like a post? How can I share to bring others to read and like it? Please help! Lol thanks!

      3. Hello! I THINK I can only see the stars to like comments when I’m signed into my WordPress account… I find sharing my blog posts on Twitter and Facebook is a good way to bring people over to read my posts! Hope that helps 🙂

      4. Right but if you bring them over to read your post that’s all they can do. I mean they can write a response which is cool. But your likes are what gets you. So how can you bring them to like it?

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