5 tips for autumnal home decoration

This year we’ve seen some amazing interiors trends, from my absolute favourite colour, blush pink (I promise I liked it before it became known as ‘millennial pink’!) to copper, and tropical prints for days (I’m looking at you, pineapples, palm leaves and flamingos!). But now we’re sneaking into autumn, the trends are changing, and I wanted to know what’s going to be big in the months ahead.

I dropped into Brighton’s independent interiors boutique Abode Living in my lunch break to meet owners Lynda and Phillipa and find out more about what we can expect to see on our walls, floors, sofas and tables in the coming months, and with their help, I’ve identified five key trends for you to bring into your own home.

1. Must-have mustard

Tabor pots from Abode Living

Lynda and Phillipa have noticed a surge in the number of people looking for mustard, ochre and terracotta homeware, especially soft furnishings and decorative items such as vases. These are a great way to bring the changing natural colours indoors, and the vases in particular look amazing against some plain greenery – think wispy grasses, delicate ferns and dramatic, draped palms.

These Tabor pots in yellow and orange are perfect little accent items to bring a hint of autumn colour into your home, or this Deva orange velvet cushion would be a great addition to any hygge nest.

2. Bold and brassy

Brass palm tree table lamp from Abode Living

As much as I love copper, there’s a new metal in town for autumn – brass. I remember my grandma had a big set of brassware when I was growing up, including a candle snuffer that I found weirdly fascinating, so I’m definitely pleased to see brass back on the agenda. Abode Living has lots of raw brass items in at the moment, which is my preference, but you can also go bold with polished metals.

For the summer to autumn transition, why not combine two trends with this fun brass palm tree table lamp? Or if you’re looking for something a little more minimalist and Scandi, this Hugo table lamp is sure to give you your eureka moment.

3. Faux flora

Orange blossom branch from Abode Living

I think we’ve all been a bit surprised by the explosion of faux flowers, which are suddenly popping up everywhere. Today’s faux flowers are infinitely more realistic than the ones I remember growing up (you know the sort – fabric leaves, dust magnets, the go-to décor for every single hairdressers’ front desk in 1995), and according to Abode Living, they’re flying off the shelves. They’re a purse-friendly option, as you don’t need to keep replacing them, and there’s no maintenance required other than the odd wipe down.

I absolutely LOVE this orange blossom branch, this faux monstera leaf (this would look particularly good in a mustard vase if you’re looking to combine autumnal trends) and this pink berry branch… you didn’t think I was ready to abandon pink yet did you?

4. 70s stylin’

Bamboo basket shade from Abode Living

The use of natural materials is still going to be very in for autumn, with cane and bamboo being among the most popular materials used in the home. Scandinavian design uses a lot of light woods, making this ideal if you want to channel Nordic design and this season’s hottest materials. Lynda and Phillipa are expecting to see huge, 70s-style lampshades and bamboo baskets making a comeback, along with velvet lighting options. This bamboo basket shade would work with pretty much any colour scheme, while this yellow velvet lampshade gives a nod to the 70s without going full-on Starsky and Hutch.

5. Eco warriors

Tete vases La Soufflerie from Abode Living

Lynda and Phillipa have noticed the demand for eco-friendly products increasing over the past few years, particularly in the very environmentally aware Brighton (which is currently home to the only Green MP in the country, Caroline Lucas of the Brighton Pavilion constituency – which is, incidentally, my constituency!). At Abode Living, recycled glass items in particular are selling well, with environment-loving Brightonians relishing the chance to put their green credentials on display with home accessories that look good and do good. These Tete vases by La Soufflerie are the perfect example of a recycled glass piece that is fun, functional and kind to the environment.

The rise of Scandi design

Just before I went back to work, I had a few more questions for Lynda and Phillipa about the massive interest in Scandi design in recent years. I wondered if they had any idea why this was happening, and whether or not the hunger for all things Nordic has changed the way we decorate our homes.

Lynda said that while she hadn’t seen the hygge trend significantly impacting the types of items people buy in Abode Living, she does believe that it’s helped to get people thinking about their homes more in general – particularly young people. “Young people today tend to move house a lot, meaning they are looking for products to make wherever they end up next feel like home. People in their 20s and 30s who are renting have more of a focus on home accessories, not fitted kitchens, as they’re making the most of what they’ve got and buying things to suit their more temporary surroundings, and the Scandinavian designers are particularly popular with this age group.”

Whereas in the past, we’ve seen interiors trends focusing on the fixtures and fittings of buildings – the big American fridge-freezers, kitchen islands, exposed beams and spa baths – people are now looking for ways to take their homes with them. The home ownership rate in Denmark is around the same as in the UK (62.7% and 63.5% respectively), and with young people struggling to get a foot on the housing ladder, the ability to create a home in any house is becoming increasingly important. Scandi design is known for being unfussy, unpretentious and minimalist, meaning it fits well into any space, and won’t end up clashing with that slightly questionable carpet in your next rental property. It’s pretty clear that the home accessories market is here to stay, and furnishing our homes with beautiful decorative pieces is a way to create a space that feels like ours, even if we’ll have to give the building back one day.

You can find Abode Living at 32 Kensington Gardens, Brighton, BN1 4AL, or order online at abodeliving.co.uk. Thank you to Lynda and Phillipa for having me!


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