Hygge decorating on a budget

We’re finally in the best part of the year! It’s (basically) here! The next four months – they’re all the best. Having a third of the year as your favourite part is pretty good going, right?

As we glide seamlessly into autumn, lots of us will probably be thinking about putting the summer home accessories away and switching to something more suitable for the chillier months. That means – yes – it’s finally time for the hygge you see in all the stock images, with the roaring fire and woolly socks! But let’s be honest – very often, ‘magazine hygge’ focuses on eye-wateringly expensive products – and as I always say, you should never, ever spend beyond your means to hygge.

That’s why I was super excited when Danish retailer JYSK contacted me recently to tell me all about their range of totally affordable Scandi home accessories. They stock cushions, throws, candle holders, mirrors, furniture, curtains… absolutely everything you could ever need to create a cosy nest. All you have to bring is the hygge. Now we’re creeping into the season of crisp mornings, flaming amber leaves and smoky evenings, JYSK kindly let me pick out a few pieces from their collection to show you how it’s possible to update your home for autumn on a budget.

Swaddled in comfort


As I’m sure you can imagine, as someone who blogs about hygge, I have quite the stash of throws and cushions. But a couple of mine were starting to look a bit shabby (or ‘well loved’), so I jumped at the chance to replace them.


I’m trying hard to include more colour in my home decoration, which is why I picked out this BLEIKVIER cushion in rose pink. It’s only £5.99, and has this chic art deco pattern. I know, it’s crazy, picking out a non-neutral for a piece about hygge homeware, but as we know, hygge doesn’t have a specific colour. It’s huge and incredibly soft, and it’s going to form a vital part of my nest this autumn.


It almost pains me to share this little secret, but this LUND cushion with pretty feather print décor rings in at the princely sum of… £3. £3! And that’s not just for the cover – that’s for the entire cushion! It plays beautifully with this LINNEA throw in grey, which is massive, chunky and really soft. I’ve also been eyeing up the same throw in mustard and burgundy – and at £24.99, it’s a totally affordable way to stay warm this autumn (though their throws actually start at the insane price of – get this – £1.75).

Keep it brassy


The metal of this autumn is set to be brass, which is why I picked out this FRITS tray. I collect fragrances, and I was in dire need of a way to display some of my favourites in my bedroom, so this tray is perfect for drawing some attention to some of my prettier bottles. And the great news is that it’s only £5.49!


I’m also totally not done with the copper trend yet. Being someone who handwrites all their notes and lists rather than using an app, I was in desperate need of a way to organise all the rogue pieces of paper I had flying around. This DITMAR noticeboard ticks all the boxes, and it even comes with a bag of tiny pegs to get you started. These are only £6.99, which is incredible value considering I’ve seen very similar pieces going for close to £100.

Let there be light



There is no such thing as too many light sources, and I have literally an entire cupboard full of candles stashed away for autumn and winter. That’s why I picked out this gorgeous SIGMUND lantern for a bargain £8.99. I have lots of candle holders that look pretty, but they cover up the equally pretty candles inside. I loooove the fact I can make the candle itself the centre of attention, and the metalwork top means the smoke has somewhere to escape. You could either put one candle in here, or mix and match a few little ones for lots of flickery light to see you through autumn.


Although JYSK kindly provided these items for free, I can honestly say I would happily buy each and every piece myself. I think it’s a blessing in disguise that my nearest JYSK store is in Bournemouth, as I would be in there all the time buying little bits and pieces for my home – though with prices like these, would that really be such a problem?

Explore the JYSK range at JYSK.co.uk, or find your nearest JYSK store here. All prices correct at the time of publishing.

Post written in collaboration with JYSK

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  1. angelspartaness says:

    Such an awesome set of items 👍🏼 I would love all of these, especially the lantern and the brass tray 😍 thanks for sharing! 🙏🏼 xx

    -Helene | https://angelspartaness.com/

    1. Thanks Helene! They’re such good value aren’t they?! The brass tray is my personal favourite I think, it’s so simple but looks WAY more expensive than it really is! x

      1. angelspartaness says:

        I love items that look more expensive than they are tbh 😂 my tastes and my wallet don’t match up heehee x

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