PA-nic at the disco


I’m afraid anyone who assumed the title meant this post was about the band will be sorely disappointed. Soz about that.

However, I really am PA-nicking now. Il y a beaucoup a faire. I’ve now revised everything in a huge revision blitz today, but I need to relearn lots of it, especially Europe, the constitution, Parliament and Government. I just pray that Monarchy and the Treasury come up.

Tomorrow marks ONE MEASLY WEEK until the end of the course, excluding Business of Magazines week. What will I do with my days? What will stimulate my mind (not my degree, that’s for sure)? Who will we use our innuendoes on?! Our Production tutor said it was like being in a Carry On classroom, and he was so right.

OK, time to feed my Friends fix and then return to revision. How much do you envy me, exactly?



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