Autumn appears


I’m really enjoying the appearance of autumnal chills in the mornings! Autumn has always been my favourite season, so I should start perking up a bit now the heat is dwindling!

I hate to gloat, but I’ve had a great week at work experience. I’ve found that I really enjoy copywriting, especially as I’ve been given so much freedom, so I feel like I’ve had the chance to be a bit more creative this week. I’ve liked the tasks allocated to me so far, and I’ve also been coming up with my own topics to write about, which has obviously been great. I’m also picking up some knowledge of marketing and design along the way, which will hopefully come in handy one day.

My days mostly consist of doing an assigned task, like writing up a guide for the website from some raw copy, or doing some research and turning it into a properly written article, and then writing my own things. Today we went to the pub for lunch, and I got to leave at 4pm because it’s a Friday, so top notch day all round!

I’ve had my last couple of stories in The Argus this week: this one, which is a campaign to save a church hall, and this one, my absolute favourite of all my stories, about a board game where you explore Brighton. I’m especially proud of this one, because I found it myself, wrote it up as a panel story (a story between around 100-160 words), and then an editor asked me to turn it into a lead story as they liked it so much. It’s also in The Leader, our local weekly newspaper. I wasn’t expecting to see it in there, so that was a nice surprise this afternoon! I’m also pleased because I’m hoping it’ll get the maker of the game some more pre-orders. The game genuinely looks pretty good!

I’ve been thinking today about how much I’ve achieved over the summer. Since March, I’ve started and finished my NCTJ Diploma, including that dastardly 100wpm shorthand which I NEVER thought I’d manage, I’ve done my work experience at The Argus, I’m halfway through this work experience, I’ve had quite a lot published… to be honest, I love the fact I proved so many people wrong. So many people said it’d be difficult and I’d struggle, but I haven’t, and I feel great about the position I’m in now. I couldn’t have done much more to set myself up for the career I want this summer, and I’m really proud of that. It’s been exhausting at times, but thoroughly enjoyable, and nobody could ever say I’ve wasted this summer!

Tomorrow I’m moving my things into my London house in preparation for uni. I have my modules selected too:


… This selection means I’m only in on Thursdays and Fridays all year. And yes, that’s Nordic Landscapes. WHAT OF IT?

Even though I’ve had a nice week, I’m glad it’s over as I NEED SLEEP. So I’m going to go and chill now. Until next time…



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