Staying out for the summer


Apologies for being a horrendously poor blogger recently, and I don’t even have a real excuse for it. So just… soz.

Since I last updated, I have had another piece in The Argus – in fact, the very same piece that was published in Sussex Society! I had no idea it was going in, and it’s a full page, so that was a nice surprise.

OK, the meaning behind the title today is that IT’S NOW MY SUMMER HOLIDAYS! I know I broke up from uni for the summer in March, but my summer has been so manic that this is the first time I’ve had (pretty much) nothing to do. Why ‘pretty much’? BECAUSE, my friends, I still have that dastardly NCTJ portfolio to trek through! To be honest it’s more just a process of light assembly now, but I do need to make a proper start on my PA feature. Hooray!

Today was my last day at Harrington McDermott. I’ve actually had a great fortnight there, and I’ve been told that there is some freelance work lined up for me to fit around my time at uni! Very exciting, and very gratefully received news. There is also a possible opportunity for me to do some freelancing on a new Brighton magazine, so we’ll see about that too. I’m amazed that people are willing to pay me for my writing!

There’s not a lot else to say, I don’t think, other than I will be seeing my FAVOURITE BAND OF ALL TIME on 7th March next year: Sigur Rós! I only bought one ticket and nobody else seems to have managed to get a ticket for the same date, so it looks like I’ll be attending alone. I will have to pretend it’s being done in the name of journalism, but to be honest I think I’ll be too in awe to even think about making notes. As an aside, if you happen to be reading this and possess a ticket for the 7th, please do consider letting me accompany you. I’ll be on best behaviour, I absolutely promise!

OK, time to make a start on my summer now (starting in mid-September – ridiculous). AU REVOIR for now!



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