Working 9 to 5, what a way to make a living


I’m extremely excited today, because tomorrow I am heading back to London for a few days, where I will be doing some freelance sub-editing for four days with a financial services company near Regent Street. This is GREAT for me, as I missed out on a subbing work experience placement, and although it’s only for four days, it’s my first paid role as a trained journalist, and at £100/day, I really can’t complain! Along with this, I have been told I will be paid £500 per article, freelancing for a new Brighton magazine. I PRAY this all comes good, as I desperately need this money!

On the downside, it does mean returning to London earlier than I’d anticipated. I’m not mentally prepared to be there again! I’m also still without my laptop, so I’ll need things to fill my evenings with. I’m dreading battling up on the Tube with my suitcase too, seeing as NOBODY EVER HELPS ME even though I’m a weak little shrimp-girl. I also have to pack my businesswear, and frankly I just look silly in it. I’ll FEEL silly too, being on a tube train RAMMED with real businesspeople. What a fraud.

I suppose, then, that my ‘summer holiday’ which started on Friday comes to an end… tomorrow. Hahaha. I’m really spooked by how quickly uni has come around again, but even more spooked by the fact that the day after tomorrow, I’ll be in London, in the real world, earning money for something very much related to journalism. Oh my GOD.



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  1. disckidding says:

    Haha, “weak little shrimp-girl” made my day.

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