7 Lush ways for 7 hygge days

I love Lush. I LOVE Lush. It’s glittery, it smells amazing, it’s fun and it strikes the perfect balance between frivolous (sometimes you just need to leave the house covered in gold glitter, and that’s fine) and practical (there’s a cleanser called Ultrabland – the ultimate in SENSIBLE CHIC). I also don’t think anyone can argue with the fact that a hot bath is pretty high on the hygge stakes. My local Lush, the Brighton branch, recently had a little makeover, so I went in today for a poke around. I was BLOWN AWAY by the insane number of new products! And that got me thinking… which products, for me, embody hygge? Run a bath, light a candle (keep an eye on both, you maniac) and sink into my saunter through some of the cosiest, most soothing Lush products…

Frozen Bath Ballistic

Lush Frozen Bath Ballistic

Nobody likes Mondays, and if you say otherwise you’re lying. You NEED a pick me up on a Monday – so why not kick the Monday blues with the FUNDAY blues of Frozen? I’ve been raving about this ever since I picked one up at the Oxford Street flagship store, but everyone keeps telling me to let it go. But I won’t! Despite its name, I think the Frozen bath ballistic is actually perfect for summer. Not only is the colour GORGEOUS (a super-relaxing swimming pool turquoise), but it also smells incredible, with uplifting neroli and classic rose making for a ballistic totally reminiscent of warming June afternoons. And – ssssh – it’s just a little bit glittery.


Lush American Cream conditioner

Again, Tuesdays – bleh. Tuesdays are always a bit nothingy, so be nice to yourself with peppy, pretty hair. This is one of my go-to products – if for no other reason than it smells DIVINE. American Cream conditioner smells like strawberries and cream, which is perfect for swishy summery hair. I also find it pretty lightweight, which helps it retain its position in my essential summer routine, because it doesn’t weigh my hair down or leave it feeling greasy and sticky in the heatwaves. I can’t get enough, and if you try it, you’ll see why.


Lush Soft Coeur Massage Bar

Happy Humpday! Wednesdays are the midway point between weekends, and you’re probably feeling a bit sluggish and stranded between Saturdays… what you need is a sweet treat to see you right. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth (unless it’s for black cherries – I can happily demolish a punnet without thinking about it), but I’ll make a little exception for the Soft Coeur massage bar. Ooh la la – a massage bar? Oui oui! This smells of honey, with a chocolatey centre, and is SO GOOD for thirsty skin. As the oil sinks into your warm skin, you’ll be enveloped in a happy haze of hygge. Honey is good for so many things, and it is a staple of any hygge pantry for comforting flavours – and now, for nourishing the outside too.


Lush R&B hair moisturiser

You’re nearly there! It’s Thursday, we’re almost at the weekend and maybe even thinking about having to make an effort and go out (perish the thought). You know you won’t bother with anything fussy on Friday, so you may as well get your hair looking ship shape and shiny tonight. R&B strikes exactly the right note with me. This hair moisturiser contains oat milk, avocado and coconut oil, which are all so nourishing, and THE remedy for dry, frazzled, sad hair. Leave it on for a few minutes while you’re chillin’ in the bath and then wash it off (be careful to get it ALL off – it’s extremely thick and rich, so it takes some real washing). You’ll be left with really soft hair, and you may never stop stroking it. But that’s what hygge’s all about, right? Curling up in a comfort blanket of your own hair?


Lush Relax giftset

Friday? Nope, it’s Fri-YAY! Way to go, you made it to the end of the week, and that deserves a little present. Lush’s Relax giftbox is so adorbs, and perfect for a chilled Friday evening. Where’s the hygge in a night out getting smashed?! You’re right, there’s none, and that’s why I fully condone using all three super-soothing products at once. Use A French Kiss bubble bar for delicate lavender-scented lilac bubbles, and wash the week’s woes away with the elegant Twilight shower gel (I always splash a bit under the running bathtaps to double up on bubbles). And because it’s you, you definitely deserve the healing powers of Ceridwen’s Cauldron, Lush’s gentlest bath melt which is great for sensitive skin. Feel free to wallow in your lavendery, oaty bath for, oh, hours – it’s Fri-yay, and that’s so hygge.


Lush Devil's Nightcap soap

Look, hear me out with this one – I know a soap called Devil’s Nightcap isn’t exactly brimming with hygge at first glance. But Saturday is THE day of hedonism. Everyone knows that. So before a sinfully raucous night, be kind to your body with a thorough cleansing. The murky, muddy oakmoss and oakwood are there to placate your inner woodland goddess. This is mossy, earthy and natural, and has some incredible purifying powers to leave you feeling chaste and angelic… before your nightcap with the devil.


Lush Milky Bath Bubble Bar

It’s Sunday night, noooo – but worry not, because you’re about to become the dairy queen and slip into a hot, milky bath. How very decadent! And if you like a little froth, you’re in luck, because this little baby bubbles beyond belief. Your skin will thank you for an hour with the Milky Bath bubble bar – it’s incredibly gentle, and your calcium fix will leave you feeling strong and totally ready to face Monday morning. Maybe. It’s not magic. But it is lovely… and check out that glittery little bottletop!

So, that’s my selection! What would you include in your hygge week of Lush? Let me know in the comments!


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