Hyggeligt personalised stocking fillers

I know, I know, it’s only November, but in the world of blogging it’s been Christmas since about September… so really I’m running late. Obviously hygge isn’t something you can buy, but lots of us are going to be starting our Christmas shopping soon (some of you probably have it all wrapped up already… what is your secret?), and something I always struggle with is little stocking fillers. Hygge is all about maintaining those important relationships, so I’ve pulled together a list of some of the best personalised stocking filler ideas to show your friends and family you’ve put the effort in.

Personalised photo gifts

My mum is obsessed with collecting photos, and with the 90s long behind us, we very rarely print our snaps anymore. It feels a bit lazy to wrap up a standard pack of photos, so I love websites like Snapfish to help me come up with something a little more creative. When they invited me to design some personalised Christmas gifts, I was only too happy to oblige! Firstly, I made this little personalised photo desk calendar that she can put next to her computer. I chose a seasonal theme for the background graphics, and I love how easy it is to switch images and customise the layout for something totally unique.


Secondly, I designed this cute little cushion. This time, I was going for a travel theme, so I included some snaps from some of our family holidays over the years. We have Lapland, Paris, Helsinki and Reykjavik, all on a neutral beige and white background to fit in with her colour scheme – one of the sweetest photo gifts I’ve ever seen!. I was actually very pleasantly surprised by the quality of this – I’ve ordered personalised items from other companies and they’ve looked a bit cheap, but the back of this cushion is a lovely soft suedey fabric which makes it seem much more expensive than it really is.

Snapfish personalised photo mug stocking filler

Finally, I made this personalised photo mug for a friend who is ALWAYS accidentally smashing things. We went to Lisbon back in the summer, so I chose a few snaps of the gorgeous Portuguese landscapes as a reminder of sunnier times. A thing I love about Snapfish is how easy it is to make a unique personalised gift with virtually no effort, and I could pull most of these images straight from Instagram with no time wasted on locating and uploading images.

Personalised recipe book

This is SUCH. A. COOL. IDEA. Every family has those recipes that have evolved dramatically since the first time they were lifted from a book years ago, and these are often the most important recipes we’ll ever use. There are recipes of my grandma’s I wish I’d recorded before she died, and even now I write all my recipe amendments on scrappy post-it notes which go missing after a few days. I discovered this brilliant Gourmandize personalised recipe book last week, and I love the concept. You can add your own recipes and photos to create a totally unique collection of all your family’s favourites so that you can enjoy them for years to come. Whether it’s that birthday cake you just have to have every year, or the only vegetable soup that makes you feel better when you’re unwell, or that brand new cinnamon bun recipe you just can’t resist, you can compile them all into one book for easy access to keep them safe forever.

Personalised chocolate


I know how easy it is to walk into Sainsbury’s and come out laden with chocolate oranges, Milk Tray and Cadbury’s selection boxes, but sometimes it’s nice to show you’ve made a bit of an effort. That’s why I was very excited to discover Morse Toad personalised chocolates! You just choose your design (including any photos you want to include), enter your message and your custom chocs will drop through the door a day or two later! You can get creative with fun messages or just go for something preset if you’re short on time. I’ve gone for Danish words (bonus points if you can tell me what ‘Julemanden’ means!), but it’s totally up to you what you go for. These are really good value (the little stocking fillers are just £2.75), and because you can personalise everything, there’s something for absolutely everyone.

And here’s some good news for you: if you use the code chochygge before 25th December 2016, you’ll get 10% off your order – now you have no excuse not to get personal!

Personalised perfume

For me, the importance of fragrance for hygge is hugely important and underrated (expect a future post on this!), so I think the idea of creating a personalised perfume is so adorable. I like the look of this personalised solid perfume set for children, or this set for grown ups. If you’re going hyggeligt, you can’t go wrong with gourmand fragrances (food inspired – think vanilla, spices, chocolate…), or just have a play until you come up with something that evokes a happy memory. I love it when I walk past someone who smells like someone from my past, so this might be the way to tap into part of your scent memory you didn’t know you still had.

Personalised Christmas decorations

Personalised Christmas decorations

I’m really not a fan of anything too matchy-matchy, and that applies to Christmas decorations too. My family collects decorations from everywhere we go (that included dragging my friend into a Christmas shop in Hollywood on a hot March day this year), so we have a real mish-mash of decorations, but I love it. Christmas decorations make a great gift, as they’ll be enjoyed for years to come, and they help make the tree a collection of happy memories rather than something purely decorative. Etsy is always my starting point when I want something personalised, as most items are handmade, and I love the Scandi-inspired decorations in the picture above. I also think these little clay stars are super sweet (and only £1 each!), and I’ve never seen anything like this adorable wooden polar bearwooden polar bear before but I know I want one on my tree this year.

Or, if you’re feeling crafty, why not experiment with these empty baubles? Fill them with some shredded paper, lametta, sequins or glitter and pop in a little gift. How about a homemade bath bomb, or some truffles, or a mini bottle of liqueur? Again, this is your chance to get creative – why not have a family crafting afternoon to see who can make the best bauble stocking filler?

I hope my ideas have given you some food for thought, and that you’re ready to get personal with your stocking fillers this year! What will you be popping in your stockings this year? I’d love to hear your own plans!

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  1. natashajulian says:

    The personalized Christmas ornaments are darling! I ordered them as soon as I saw the picture. Thanks for the idea!

    1. They’re sweet aren’t they? No problem!

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